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Masai Mara

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Masai Mara National Park is staged annual animal migration places, is considered the world’s most famous wildlife sanctuary, this animal paradise by the 1672 square kilometers of open plains, woodlands and riparian forest composition.

Masai Mara National Park, built in 1961, is the world’s largest wild mammals home, the 95 species of mammals and 450 species of birds. An oasis of grass dotted with herds of zebra, giraffe, antelope and topi; acacia woods full of birds and monkeys; elephant and African buffalo in a wide Dempsey Allah marshes and rolled; Ma pull the middle reaches of the river drag a large number of hippos and crocodiles.

Referred to herein as the lion kingdom, these majestic, powerful predators dominate the plains. Cheetahs are also very common, there are hyenas and smaller predators such as foxes wolves. Noon prairie sweltering all predators are sleepy sun, so the best choice to visit after predators morning or sunset.

Mara River Mara River Mara River Masai Mara plains will be divided into two, which is home to crocodiles and hippos, but also other wildlife lifeline, its many tributaries nourish this vast land. Mara River originates rainy mountains, even in times of drought, it never stop, 3 – June rainy season, the river may suddenly rise.

In the July to September each year, the world’s most spectacular wildlife migration occurred, the wildebeest crossed the Mara River rapids and crocodile skyrocketing blocking is the most difficult and spectacular scene, this is called “Mara River the crossing “or” crossing heaven. ” In the 3,000 km-long annual migrations, hunger, thirst, tired predators or prey, only 30% of wildebeest can return to their point of departure. But before the big rainy season, there are 400,000 newborn wildebeest born.

New birth and the weak eliminated every year where the cyclical nature of the prosperous.

Maasai village Masai Manyatta Masai of East Africa has been left on the prairie original tribal symbol. Masai is a very special people, who are located at the border of Tanzania and Kenya where cattle to sheep for a living. Both men and women, dressed in bright red clothes throughout the year, with a nice big earrings and necklaces, stick in hand, very “black African” features.

They do not want to integrate into modern society, linger in the endless grassland, wild animals and those who camped, go with the flow of life to live, the original little alternative. Their slippers also very characteristic, the black, the floor is not flat, concave arc.

Masai village in Masai Mara reserve where animals, Masai small thatched everywhere, they used thorny branches to make fences to block the invasion of wild animals, particularly conspicuous in the prairie.

Masai people so isolated with, not to be attracted by the rapid development of science and technology, not to be confused dissipation of life, so they lived here for generations to come. Admission villages can bargain, each about 1000-1500 Ken shilling.


Day 1: Nairobi – Masai Mara

Pick up from your Nairobi hotel or Airport in the morning and drive to Masai Mara through The Great African Rift Valley escarpment. Enjoy a drive through Longonot and Suswa and on to the Western walls with a stopover at a Masai Town Narok for re-fuelling. You will arrive at the Masai Mara in time for lunch.

Check in at Mara Sopa Lodge or Sarova Mara game Camp and have lunch. Afternoon game drive through the park in search of the Big five; Lion, Cheetah, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino plus other animals. The team returns to Camp late in the evening just in time for dinner. A campfire gathering under the clear Africa’s Sky follows after dinner.

Enjoy overnight at Sarova Mara game Camp or Mara Sopa Lodge.

Day 2: Masai Mara

Early morning game drive then return back to your camp for breakfast. After breakfast Full day spend in the park with packed lunch in search of its popular residents like the well known predators and their opponents like the Zebra, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Hippo and the dangerous Crocodiles with a visit to Mara river. Picnic lunch served at the Mara River site.

Experience vast herds of wildebeest and zebra wander across the Mara grasslands in huge numbers during this period of the annual migrations take place between the months of June and August, when millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle traverse the Mara plains landscape to feed on the rich new grass from the Serengeti. You also have a chance to see other plain game like the Topi, heartbeats, Eland.

Later Meals and overnight at Sarova Mara game Camp or Mara Sopa Lodge.

Day 3:

Masai Mara – Nairobi

Early Morning breakfast at your camp. Check out of the camp and park and Drive to Nairobi with stop-overs in the towns to give you a chance to buy souvenirs. We will arrive in the early afternoon and in time for Lunch at carnivore afterwards drop off at your respective hotel or Airport.

(Optional to our clients with evening Flights) – if you have evening flight you can do more game drive with packed lunch till around 12:00hrs lunch time, After drive to Nairobi you arrive in Nairobi at around 5 to 6 pm drop off at Airport or back to your hotel.

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